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Collaboration and teamwork are a must for success! The game is designed to build team chemistry and create social interaction, so it’s a great team building exercise for businesses and organizations. What personality and character traits will reveal themselves in the game?

A team bonding memorable experience in an interactive adventure game that is:

  • Competitive
  • Educational
  • Exciting
  • An alternative team building solution for all budgets!
  • Indoor non strenuous activity, customizable experience, exclusive access to our premises!

Benefits For The Company

  • Enforces team building as team players are required to operate with a high degree of interdependence, share authority and responsibility, be accountable for the collective performance and work toward a common goal.
  • Improves communication and problem solving skills for all types of teams (departmental, cross-departmental and self-managing)
  • It is a fun exercise that will nurture employee involvement and employee empowerment , which are critical to continuous improvement of the organization
  • An efficient way to discover informal leaders in the group
  • A chance for the company to contribute to an enriching experience for its employees

We are especially proud of the fact that our escape rooms are very challenging. During the “Escape the Mansion” game, groups must communicate, problem solve, and cooperate to escape the room within 120 minutes. And if you’re looking to highlight the importance of thought diversity, look no further. Our rooms present problems that require players to shift perspectives.

Ultimately, the groups that visit our escape rooms leave with increased unity. We promise an experience your team members will never forget.

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+40 720 349 096

How To Get Here

3 Banului Street, Bucharest



Car: 3 Banului Street, near Piata Amzei and Calea Victoriei.

Bus: 131, 331, 301, 168, 368, 381 to Romana, walk through Piata Amzei to Calea Victoriei,
take a right and then the first street on the left.

Subway: Piata Romana.