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3 Banului Street, Bucharest

Escape the mansion

4-5 teams of 2-5 people each enter different rooms in the house, separated by hallways and doors. Puzzles are different from one room to another.

The teams need to find a mean of communication between the rooms, through a “phone operator” system. The puzzles, codes and items are linked together, which means one team may offer help to others while receiving help from other rooms.

The escape is done progressively: one team unlocks another and so forth. In the end all teams are reunited and they need to figure out the last super puzzles and codes to get the final key for the Mansion.

The scenario is centered around the original story of the Lockworth Mansion in 1856. The house unveils the mysteries of Madam being poisoned during a tea party, of George’s secret experiments, of the living room card games and of the child’s playground.

The Format Of The Whole Event Accounts For Approx 2h 30min In Total:

  • Pre-game briefing (15min)
  • In the game (120min)
  • De-brief and close (15min)
  • Catering options (on request)
  • Discussing within the group and getting feedback from the Game Master

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Info / Details

+40 720 349 096

How To Get Here

3 Banului Street, Bucharest



Car: 3 Banului Street, near Piata Amzei and Calea Victoriei.

Bus: 131, 331, 301, 168, 368, 381 to Romana, walk through Piata Amzei to Calea Victoriei,
take a right and then the first street on the left.

Subway: Piata Romana.