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Terms and Conditions

This document’s contents present to the clients of SC Serious Games SRL the terms and conditions regarding the “Real Room Escape” event.

In case the client refuses to accept the document or revokes the previously established agreement, s/he will not be able to participate in the “Real Room Escape” event.

Terms and Conditions before entering the room

Personal belongings such as cellphones, keys, bags, backpacks, books, pens, pencils, laptops, recording gadgets, food or drinks (the list is not exhaustive) will be left outside the room under the careful supervision of the Real Room Escape staff.

It is recommended to arrive at the venue 15-20 minutes prior to starting the actual game, so as to have enough time for instructions regarding the event, your security and your health, as well as preventing any kind of accidents.

Clients who will be late will be given instructions in the time they were supposed to spend in the room. Nobody enters the room without acknowledging these instructions.

Terms and Conditions inside the room

The design of the scenario takes into account all necessary precautions and it does not comprise of harmful elements or objects; hence any voluntary or involuntary action of the clients that may result in harm (physical or mental) is the clients’ responsibility.

The game is based on rational solutions determined through deduction and does not require special abilities or uncommon knowledge; force, stunts or violence are in no way required to solve the puzzles. The solutions to the puzzles and codes do not involve altering the heating system, the electrical system or the surveillance system.

The client is not allowed to remove the “DON’T OPEN”, “DON’T TOUCH”, “DON’T TEAR” or the colored (red and yellow) stickers found in the room; they are there for the clients’ protection.

All damages that resulted as a consequence of the client’s activity in the room, during the time s/he was attending the event, are entirely the responsibility of the client; therefore the damaged items will be repaired / replaced by the client in case they cannot be further used.

Children less than 14 years of age have to be accompanied in the Room by one of their parents or tutors. Children between 15 and 18 must have a written consent from their parents regarding the participation to the event.

The game stops at precisely 60 minutes after the start of the reservation, regardless of the fact that the key was found or not.


I, the client, declare that I understand the game’s instructions and I will not engage in any action that would mentally or physically harm me or my team mates.

I, the client, understand no object in the room is meant to be used and/or treated with violence and I declare that any damage to these items that are my direct responsibility will be covered by me.

I, the client, understand that Real Room Escape is a game that is not recommended to pregnant women, people who suffer from any sort of heart conditions, hypertension, claustrophobia, epilepsy or other similar conditions; I further declare the decision to participate is my sole responsibility, in spite of this recommendation.

I, the client, understand the Real Room Escape staff can stop the game’s progress at any moment whatsoever if they observe instructions in this current document are not respected.

The copying, distribution, publication or uses of creative concepts belonging to Real Room Escape are forbidden. SC Serious Games reserves the right to use legal action against the individuals breaking these rules.

REAL ROOM ESCAPE – Termeni si conditii de participare

Prezentul document, prin continutul sau, pune la dispozitia  clientilor sai , termenii si conditiile de participare la evenimentul “Real Room Escape”.

In cazul in care Clientul refuza sa isi dea acceptul sau isi revoca acceptul dat ulterior, nu va putea participa la evenimentul “Real Room Escape”.

Termeni si conditii inainte de a intra in Camera

Bunurile personale, pe care le aveti asupra dumneavoastra, precum: telefoane mobile, chei, genti, ghiozdane, carti, instrumente de scris, laptop-uri, aparate de inregistrare audio sau video, alimente sau bauturi, vor fi lasate in afara camerei, sub atenta supraveghere a echipei “Real Room Escape”.

Este recomandat sa ajungeti cu cel putin 15 minute inainte de ora rezervarii, pentru a participa la instructajul privind modul de desfasurare a evenimentului, instructajul privind securitatea si sanatatea dumneavoastra, precum si instructajul privind prevenirea unor incendii si accidente.

Cei care intarzie vor fi instruiti din timpul orar rezervat pentru intrarea in Camera. Nimeni nu intra neinstruit in Camera.

Termeni si conditii in Camera

Conceperea scenariului evenimentului “Real Room Escape” a fost realizata cu respectarea tuturor masurilor de precautie necesare. Scenariul nu contine elemente sau obiecte daunatoare pentru participant; orice actiune voluntara sau involuntara a participantilor provocatoare de suferinte fizice sau psihice este responsabilitatea acestora.

Evenimentul se bazeaza pe solutii rationale si deductie, nu necesita abilitati sau cunostinte speciale si nu este necesara utilizarea fortei, a unor cascadorii sau a oricaror metode violente. Solutiile puzzle-urilor si codurilor nu implica alterarea instalatiilor de incalzire, de iluminare sau de supraveghere.

Nu aveti voie sa dezlipiti benzile pe care scrie “DON’T TOUCH”, “DON’T OPEN” si “DON’T TEAR” sau benzile colorate (rosu si galben), acestea sunt pentru protectia dumneavoastra.

Toate stricaciunile sau deteriorarile produse obiectelor din camera sau camerei in sine sunt responsabilitatea jucatorilor, pe timpul achizitionat, si vor fi reparate sau inlocuite de catre acestia, in cazul in care obiectele nu mai pot fi utilizate.

Copiii cu varste pana la 14 ani trebuie insotiti in camera de unul din parinti sau tutori. Copiii cu varste intre 14 si 18 ani trebuie sa prezinte, in scris, consimtamantul parintelui in vederea participarii la eveniment.

Evenimentul inceteaza in maxim 60 de minute de la intrarea in camera, indiferent daca a fost gasita sau nu solutia iesirii din camera.


Declar pe propria raspundere ca am inteles si imi asum instructiunile evenimentului si ca nu voi intreprinde nici o actiune care sa-mi provoace mie sau celorlalti suferinte fizice sau psihice.

Am inteles ca niciun obiect din camera nu este menit a fi folosit sau tratat cu violenta si declar ca repararea pecuniara a stricaciunilor produse va fi in sarcina mea.

Am inteles ca evenimentul “Real Room Escape nu este recomandat femeilor insarcinate, persoanelor care sufera de boli de inima, hipertensiune, claustrofobie, epilepsie sau alte patologii similare si declar ca imi asum raspunderea in cazul in care decid sa particip, in ciuda acestei recomandari.

Inteleg ca echipa Real Room Escape poate decide incetarea jocului in orice moment, daca observa ca nu au fost respectate instructiunile de participare.

Utilizarea, copierea, distribuirea sau publicarea unor opere creative asemanatoare cu jocul Real Room Escape sunt interzise. Real Room Escape (S.C. SERIOUS GAMES S.R.L.) isi rezerva drepturile de a intreprinde actiuni legale impotriva celor care incalca aceste drepturi.