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3 Banului Street, Bucharest

The Story

The year is 1856.

The Lockworth Mansion hides terrible mysteries and dark secrets. The Madam was poisoned during one of her regular Thursday afternoon tea parties and everybody blames Kudra. They lock her up in the Tea Chambers before the final verdict. But she is innocent. She must escape as soon as possible and find who the real killer is before she gets killed herself.

Did Doctor Connolly do it?

Does Mr. Lockworth really want the truth to come out?

Who is the restless child-soul that never sleeps and haunts everybody?

The walls have ears, invisible doors and strange mechanisms and machines that seem to have come from another world. Crack the codes and solve the puzzles that make these strange wheels work!

Find who the murderer is!

There is no more time left! Escape the room!


Info / Details

+40 720 349 096

How To Get Here

3 Banului Street, Bucharest



Car: 3 Banului Street, near Piata Amzei and Calea Victoriei.

Bus: 131, 331, 301, 168, 368, 381 to Romana, walk through Piata Amzei to Calea Victoriei,
take a right and then the first street on the left.

Subway: Piata Romana.